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When you need tough, look to Dragon Energy & Oilfield Industry Equipment – built on experience & success.

Dragon has been supplying energy and industrial service companies with the toughest industrial energy and oilfield equipment on the market for more than 50 years.

Harsh, equipment-punishing environments are where Dragon's dump trailers, frac tanks, centrifugal pumps and oilfield equipment feel most at home. When you're on the job, you need energy industry equipment you can trust; that starts by buying products from an equipment manufacturer that knows every piece of their oilfield, drilling and fracking equipment by heart. That's what separates Dragon from the other guys – we know our industrial energy equipment inside and out because we design, build, test and certify everything we sell in-house and to the highest standards.

With the Dragon name, you get drilling equipment, frac tanks, equipment trailers, production equipment and an extensive line of other industrial energy products MADE IN THE USA and ready to deliver from one of our 24 locations to you, wherever you are. Browse our entire lineup of severe-duty oilfield, fracking and drilling equipment today, and see what Dragon can do for you.

Dragon Oilfield Equipment Is Built for More Progress in Less Time

In an industry as diverse and specialized as oil and gas, you need a diverse set of energy equipment and solutions to help you make the most progress, no matter the job. The world is built on crude oil. To get this valuable commodity, skilled professionals rely on Dragon oil rigs and oilfield equipment to do the job right.

Our mobile and workover drilling rigs might be the heart of all oil work, but at Dragon, we know you won't settle for anything less than the best energy industry equipment on the market. All Dragon energy industry equipment, from our heavy haulers and dump trailers to rig equipment and tank trailers, is designed, built, tested and certified to industry API (American Petroleum Institute) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards. When you shop for Dragon Products oilfield equipment, you know you're getting the best the USA has to offer.

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dragon products mud pump

Dragon Oil Fracking Equipment Combines Technical Ingenuity With Durable Craftsmanship

Hydraulic fracturing has helped America become the global leader in crude oil and natural gas production – but that can't happen without high-quality oil fracking equipment built for the job. Dragon frac equipment is made for reliability and performance to ensure your frac sites are safer and more efficient than ever. With top-of-the-line water transfer pumps, frac tanks, sand haulers and stim equipment, you'll see more consistency well to well, asset to asset.

Like the rest of our industrial equipment, Dragon fracking equipment is designed and built in-house and meets the highest quality standards possible to thrive in even the harshest conditions. If you need severe-duty engineered fracking equipment, Dragon is your one-stop shop.


For 50+ years, Dragon has been supplying energy and industrial service companies with the toughest energy industry and oilfield equipment on the market. Learn more about how our advanced in-house and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes have helped us develop frac tanks, Vantage and RANCO dump trailers, Cooper™ drilling rigs, and more for severe-duty industrial energy applications.


Our oilfield, fracking and drilling equipment just won't quit! That's why we have such a massive selection of used dump trailers, frac tanks, frac spread equipment, centrifugal pumps, drilling rigs and more ready to get back to work. Inventory changes regularly, so grab your energy industry equipment today and save big.


Dragon maintains an extensive inventory of replacement parts for our oilfield and fracking equipment. Our expert service teams are always standing by to provide maintenance or repairs anywhere you need them. With service centers all throughout North America and field service teams ready to deploy 24x7, Dragon is dedicated to keeping your industrial energy operations up and running.