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Heavy Haul Lowboy Trailers

Heavy haul trailers—also known as lowboy trailers—are used to move oversized loads that are too large for road travel without an escort, and, in many cases, a special permit. At Dragon Products, we recognize there is no margin for error with these sizable transports, which is why all of our U.S.-made lowboy trailers for sale are expertly engineered to enable safe and efficient heavy hauls. Explore all of our trusted heavy haul trailers for sale below, along with our premium trailer parts.


35 Ton 2 Axle Lowboy

Equipment Trailer

55 Ton Double Drop Trailer

DHRG-3 Axle

Removable Necks

3 Axle Removable

Neck Trailer

4 Axle Removable Neck

Heavy Haul Trailer

5 Axle Removable Neck

Heavy Haul Trailer

Heavy Haulers 101: What To Know Before You Buy

Partnering with Dragon Products is an excellent first step in choosing the right heavy hauler for the job. But before you begin to explore your options, be prepared to answer some important questions we’ll need to ask before we can get you on the road.


Experienced truckers will tell you, “It all starts with the load.”  This is the most critical factor when determining what kind of lowboy hauler trailer to purchase, but there are other considerations as well. When you talk to us about the heavy hauler you need, be prepared to discuss:


  • How much weight you’re planning to carry
  • The size of the heavy haulage you’re planning to transport
  • Which part of the country you will be traveling through
  • The road conditions you will likely encounter


Once we have this information, we can work with you to provide the best haul truck for the job. For example, as you determine the scale of your freight, the size and weight have to be considered together to choose the proper deck size and ensure the safety of your load. And permit requirements vary by state, so it’s good to know the restrictions you’ll encounter on your route.


What Is A Lowboy Trailer?

Lowboy trailers – also known as drop or double-drop deck trailers – typically haul tall freight that exceeds the legal 8-foot 6-inch maximum. Designed with a well in the center and two decks sitting higher on each end of the trailer, the lowboy’s drop deck can legally accommodate freight up to 12 feet in height. This enables them to carry bulldozers and other super-heavy equipment. The number of axles will determine how much weight a lowboy trailer can handle. For example, a 2-axle heavy haul lowboy can handle about 40,000 pounds, but the size of the load needs to be taken into consideration, along with the weight.


What Kinds Of Loads Do Lowboys Haul?

The types of loads carried by lowboy haulers are many and varied. Some examples include:

  • Giant boilers
  • Chemical pressure vessels
  • Prefab sections for construction projects
  • Power transformers
  • Turbines
  • Houses
  • Carnival rides 
  • Military equipment


What Is A Removable Gooseneck Trailer?

One of the most versatile trailer designs, a removable gooseneck trailer has a detachable front allowing the heavy haul lowboy trailer to drop to the ground to form its own ramp. This enables you to drive the vehicle or equipment you’re transporting onto the trailer’s platform. Once you’ve loaded the equipment onto the trailer, you can reattach the gooseneck to secure the equipment. This makes the process of loading and unloading your heavy hauler considerably easier.


Shop Dragon Products For Your Heavy Hauler Today

Hit the ground running with the right heavy hauler from Dragon Products. We’ll work with you and your specifications to ensure we get you the lowboy trailer that meets your needs. We know you have your choice of heavy haul trailer manufacturers, and we appreciate that you’re allowing us to provide you with durable, strong and safe equipment for your worksite. Check out our selection of lowboy trailers for sale online, then give us a call today!

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