WorkOVer Rigs

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Mobile Service Rigs

Dragon manufactures a full line of 300 to 1,000 HP Cooper ™ Rigs at our state-of-the-art U.S. facility and our rig team is one of the most seasoned in the industry.  Whether you need a well servicing rig, a workover rig, a drilling rig, mud pumps and systems or parts and service Dragon has you covered.  Our expansive inventory of parts and accessories includes mud systems, mud hoppers and mud guns, agitators, pipe racks, draw works, API 4F, 4th Edition certified masts, break blocks, McKissick tubing and drilling blocks and refurbished gear boxes for most brands of well servicing units.

Cooper SP300

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Cooper SP650

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Workover Rigs You Can Trust to Get the Job Done

Dragon Products is your ultimate ally when tackling the toughest jobs in the oilfield. With over half a century of experience, we understand the critical importance of reliability and performance in your operations.

Expertly engineered and rigorously tested, our workover rigs are designed to navigate the most challenging environments.

Workover Rigs: For the Toughest Jobs on the Oilfield

When it comes to workover operations on the oilfield, you need equipment you know can stand up to the task. That's where workover rigs for sale from Dragon Products come in. Each of our workover rigs (also known as service rigs or mobile rigs) is engineered and manufactured in-house to conquer the most challenging conditions for your existing wells. Whether your next job requires maintenance, repair and remedial operations to optimize or restore the productivity of a well, our well service rigs are here to meet and exceed your needs.

At Dragon Products, we understand that every second on the oilfield counts. That's why our mobile drilling rigs for sale are designed for maximum mobility and quick setup, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. The durable construction of our workover rigs and other rig parts and components ensures they withstand the rigors of daily operations, making them a strong choice for anyone requiring a workover rig that delivers unmatched performance. Choose Dragon Products for your next workover rig and experience the difference MADE-IN-THE-USA quality can make. Request a quote today.

Our Well Service Rigs are API 4F-Certified

Dragon Products sets the industry standard with our API 4F-certified workover rigs. The API 4F certification is not just a badge; it's a pledge to our customers that every workover rig we manufacture, from the Cooper SP300 to the SP650, is engineered to meet the most rigorous specifications established by the American Petroleum Institute.

This certification ensures that each workover rig for sale in our fleet is designed, constructed and inspected to perform flawlessly under the most demanding conditions. The API 4F standards cover all aspects of our well service rigs, including structural integrity, operational reliability and safety features, guaranteeing our customers receive mobile rigs equipped to handle the complexities of modern well servicing.

Versatile Performance: The Capabilities of Dragon Workover Rigs

At Dragon Products, our workover rigs are not only built to withstand the stress of the oilfield but are also designed with versatility in mind. Engineered to address a wide array of well servicing needs long after drilling rigs have done their job, workover rigs are equipped to perform an extensive range of tasks, including:

  • Pump Changeouts: Our workover rigs excel in replacing downhole pumps to either restore or amplify production from a well, ensuring continuous flow and operational efficiency.
  • Tubing Changeouts: Mobile rigs are adept at removing and replacing production tubing, a crucial task for restoring or enhancing the well's flow, thereby maximizing output.
  • Completion Repairs: Addressing issues like plugged or damaged perforations is a forte of our service rigs, ensuring the well's completion integrity and optimal performance.
  • Zonal Isolation: Mobile drilling rigs for sale from Dragon are equipped to isolate specific zones within a well for targeted maintenance or repairs without hindering production from other zones.
  • Well Stimulation: Our rigs enhance the flow of oil or gas from a well, ensuring the well's productivity is maximized for sustained operations.
  • Logging and Perforation: Our rigs support downhole logging and perforating operations, which are crucial for gathering information and enhancing production capabilities.
  • Plug and Abandonment: If a well is deemed non-productive, our workover rigs can plug and abandon it safely, mitigating environmental and safety risks.
  • Surface Facility Maintenance: Beyond downhole operations, our workover rigs also play a pivotal role in maintaining surface facilities like production manifolds or flow lines, ensuring the entire system's safety and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions: Service Rigs

If you still have questions or want more information about our service rigs, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

When Is a Service Rig Required?

A service rig is required when a well's performance declines due to issues like equipment failure, reduced production or changes in the reservoir conditions. It's also used to upgrade well components to extend the well's productive life or decommission a well safely.

How Is a Workover Rig Different From a Drilling Rig?

While both rigs are critical to oil and gas operations, their primary functions differ. A drilling rig is designed for drilling new wells, whereas a workover rig is specialized for maintenance, repair or completion of existing wells. Workover rigs are generally smaller and more mobile than drilling rigs.

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying a Mobile Rig?

When purchasing a mobile rig, consider the depth and size of the wells it will service, the specific tasks it needs to perform, mobility requirements, compatibility with existing equipment and its safety features and certifications.

Find Your Next Workover Rig for Sale at Dragon Products Today

Ready to improve your workover operations? Embrace the strength, reliability and cutting-edge engineering of workover rigs for sale from Dragon Products. Don't let another day pass with subpar equipment; choose Dragon Products for workover rigs that deliver results. Request a quote today and take the first step toward optimizing your well-servicing operations. Your field deserves the best; it deserves Dragon Products.