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VANTAGE Trailers

With the lowest operating cost and the highest resale value on the market VANTAGE trailers maximize profitability and increase payload capacity with every haul. VANTAGE, A Dragon Products family brand, who has been US Owned and Operated since 1963, has been supplying energy and industrial service companies with the toughest equipment on the market for more than 50 years. Dragon’s customer service includes 24/7 access to our skilled service teams and vast parts inventory. We are always here for you, because we know your profitability is riding on it. 

End Dump Trailers

Our aluminum dump trailers come in a variety of sizes and configurations including full frame, quarter frame and frameless end dumps as well as double and single wall construction. When you need to get the most out of every load our aluminum line of trailers will give you the best return. Several options are available with axle configurations, liners and tarping.

26′ Full Frame

Aluminum End Dump

32′ Quarter Frame

Aluminum End Dump

39′ alluminum

end dump trailer





Vantage Pneumatic

Dragon’s VANTAGE dump trailers are unmatched when it comes to performance and reliability. Perfect for highway hauling of asphalt, crushed rock, sand, gypsum, fly ash and more We have a trailer solution for every application. VANTAGE trailers are severe duty engineered to do the toughest work day in and day out in the harshest hauling environments.

p 42 Pneumatic

transport trailer

1600 vacuum

Pneumatic transport

CA Double-Pneumatic

Transport Trailer

Why You Need Vantage Trailers On Your Job Sites

You can cut down on labor and time spent collecting, hauling and dumping materials by investing in a Vantage Dump Trailer. Versatile and easy to use, these trailers are handy to have at your work site. Your Vantage trailer is indispensable to haul waste, scraps and debris from construction areas. You can also use Vantage Dump Trailers to load and transport tools and equipment. These workhorses are great for hauling trash, too.


Other Tough Jobs That Use A Vantage Trailer

Professional landscapers understand that a Vantage Trailer is essential for tasks like hauling lawn equipment and tools. Vantage Trailers can also move mulch, topsoil and plants to aid landscapers in all the projects, large and small, and are also found on roofing sites. You can position your Vantage Trailer to catch shingles and other roof debris.


Why Is An Aluminum Dump Trailer A Good Choice?

Aluminum is lighter than steel and easier to take care of. An aluminum dump trailer is naturally rust-resistant and not susceptible to corrosion. Vantage Trailers from Dragon can be just as strong–if not stronger–than their steel counterparts. Although they may initially cost more than steel, aluminum dump trailers usually last longer and can therefore be more cost-effective in the long run.


What Do I Need To Consider Before Choosing A Vantage Dump Trailer?

Before you choose your Vantage Dump Trailer, answer the following:

  • What is the weight and capacity of my tow truck?
  • How large is the cargo I'm going to haul?
  • What kinds of materials am I going to carry?


Why Is A Vantage Dump Trailer From Dragon The Best Choice?

Dragon's Vantage aluminum trailers get the maximum from every load, enabling you to carry, transport and dispose of scraps and debris. You can haul a Vantage Trailer from one location to another. Additionally, Vantage dump trailers are available in different configurations and sizes:

In addition, we carry the Vantage Pneumatic Tank Trailer for transporting food products, chemicals and building materials.


Improve Your Operation with a Vantage Trailer Today

Expect 24/7 support from Dragon's skilled service team, along with access to our extensive selection of Vantage Trailer parts. Maximize your job site efficiency and save on unnecessary expenses. Check out all our Vantage Trailer equipment.

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