With new hauling challenges emerging every year, Dragon Products continues to answer the call with liquid tanker trailers that are as innovative as they are efficient. From vacuum tank trailers to crude and chemical liquid tank trailers, we offer many expertly-engineered tanker trailer types to match the liquids you're transporting. With our decades of experience, robust production capacity, severe-duty equipment standards, and uncompromising service, Dragon Products is here to support all of your liquid tank trailer needs. Explore all of our options below, along with our trailer parts.

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Liquid Tanker Trailers That Make it Happen

For over 50 years, industry leaders have relied on Dragon Products for the liquid tanker trailers they need to get the job done. We have the capacity to manufacture and deliver the crude oil haulers, vacuum trailers and other tanker trailers you depend on.

Dragon tank trailers are prized for their durability and reliability. Every Dragon tanker is certified to the highest standards to ensure the performance that your toughest applications demand.

Tanker Trailer Types

At Dragon Products, we have several different types of tanker trailers. For example, we offer double conical aluminum crude haulers for both the United States market and the Canadian market, along with a wide range of other tanker trailer types:

Supporting Your Need for Tank Trailers

Our high-volume manufacturing, rigorous quality control and dedicated customer service ensure you achieve your delivery deadlines and volume requirements for tanker trailers.

We design, engineer, manufacture, test, support and service each liquid tanker trailer to meet your specifications. Whether you need to transport fuel, petroleum or other types of liquid cargo, Dragon tank trailers are up to the challenge.

Liquid Tank Trailers

Frequently Asked Questions About Liquid Tank Trailers

Here are some of the most common questions we've received about our tanker trailers. If you have a different question, please contact us. We'll help you get on the road ASAP.

Is Financing Available for Dragon Tank Trailers?

We believe in being a full partner to our customers. Dragon Products offers assistance for purchasing, leasing or financing liquid tank trailers.

What Codes Are Your Liquid Tanker Trailers Built To?

We engineer and build liquid tanker trailers to DOT ASME code and non-code. All trailers from Dragon Products are designed to meet your highest standards.

What if I Need Parts for My Tank Hauling Trailers?

We have an immense inventory of equipment and parts for different types of tanker trailers. You can shop trailer parts online for quick, efficient service.

Rely on Dragon Products for Tough, Reliable Liquid Tanker Trailers

Whatever your needs may be, Dragon Products has the frac tanks for sale that are best suited to your work site. We're the frac tank manufacturers who are here for you 24/7 with the support you need for all your projects. We offer a full range of haulers, including liquid tank trailers. We also have tank and trailer parts. Check out our specs and let us know how we can help!