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The toughest jobs require the toughest equipment.

Dragon’s RANCO trailers are no stranger to a hard day’s work, so it is only natural that they are a part of Dragon. With more than 30 years of expertise in manufacturing tank trailers customers trust the Dragon name. In-house engineering, vast production capacity, and knowledgeable support teams deliver the severe-duty equipment and service you need every time, every where.

Frac Tanks | Mud Tanks

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Frac Tanks | Mud Tanks


Round Bottom

500bbl heavy duty frac INDUSTRIAL STORAGE


v-bottom tank

SMOOTH WALL v-bottom




Dragon Frac Tanks Perform Like No Other

Like all Dragon products, our frac tank trailers are built for the long haul. Manufactured using high-quality, durable materials and with rare attention to detail, Dragon frac tanks get the job done right. Whether you call them frac tanks or mud tanks, you can count on Dragon Products to provide equipment that works overtime every time.


What Does a Dragon Tank Do?

Frac tanks are large, heavy-gauge steel containers used to store liquids or solids. Because they have tires, air brakes, lights and mud flaps, frac tanks are considered semi-trailers. Typically holding up to 500 barrels of fluid (which translates to 21,000 gallons), these hard-working Dragon tanks are designed to arrive at the worksite empty and are filled on site with vacuum or water trucks. Frac tanks may be used to house chemicals or liquids like petroleum products, manure, proppants and saline water. Frac tanks are then hauled with the help of a roll-off trailer or truck. They can also be moved using a power-only tractor, particularly when long-distance moves are called for.


Why Are They Called Frac Tanks?

The frac tank trailer picked up its name when it became common practice for this type of tank to supply fracturing fluids at gas and oil wells. Initially, the term “mud tanks” was applied to these receptacles because workers used to dig mud pits in the earth and fill them with the materials that are now collected in mud tanks.  


Who Uses Dragon Frac Tanks?

Oil and gas operations commonly use frac tanks to store filtered water that’s mixed with a proppant, which is then pumped down the well to fracture the formation and hold the fracture open. There are several other industries that also use a frac tank trailer – any sector with a need for the large-scale temporary storage of non-toxic liquids. Some examples include:


  • Construction
  • Environmental Projects
  • Minerals Drilling
  • Mining 


Dragon Frac Tanks/Mud Tanks for Sale

Based on the job that needs to be done, there are several types of Dragon frac tanks for sale:


Smooth Wall, Round Bottom Frac Tank Trailer

With smooth interior walls for easy cleaning, this hard-working tank features quarter-inch steel plate construction. The round bottom floor is ideal for the storage of thicker or higher viscosity liquids that require mixing or circulating because it permits more effortless movement of the fluid.


Heavy-Duty Industrial Storage Frac Trailer

Designed especially for containing industrial oilfield liquids, this industrial storage tank features ¼” corrugated steel plate construction throughout.


Corrugated Wall, V-Bottom Frac Tank Trailer for Liquid Storage

Built from ¼” heavy-duty corrugated steel, this frac tank features chemical-resistant liners. Corrugated frac tanks are used to store frac water, brine, processed water and other hydraulic fluids. We also carry an insulated corrugated frac tank trailer. The V-bottom is great for storing liquids, which can easily be siphoned off at each end of the tank with the help of a channel that runs through the middle.


V-Bottom Frac Trailer with Smooth Walls

This frac tank trailer features a v-bottom with integral formed side channels for easy draining. The drain/fill feature includes a 4″ drain at each end of the floor, 3″ fill pipe to roof, 4″ connection on front, 8″ flanged front manifold connection with inside flange and 4″ connection on roof.


Industrial Mini Frac Tank

Smaller but just as mighty, this frac tank has an 8,500-gallon capacity and is suitable for liquid waste. The unit is movable via a roll-off trailer or truck.


Trust Dragon Products For Frac Tanks/Mud Tanks That Work For You

Whatever your needs may be, Dragon Products can help you find the frac tanks for sale best suited to your work site. We’re the frac tank manufacturers who are here for you 24/7 with the support you need for all your projects. Check out our specs and let us know how we can help!

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