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Water Transfer Pumps

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Water Transfer Pumps

Transfer pumps from Dragon Products can efficiently transfer large volumes of water at the optimal flow rate! Our state-of-the-art selection of water pumps for sale are ideal for various severe-duty applications like fracking. We also carry appliances such as centrifugal pumps, fracking equipment, and different pump parts for you to choose from. Find the right water transfer pumps online for your job site or facility!

DP49 4×4 PUMP

DP74 6×6 Pump

DP125 6×6 Pump


DP173 6×3 Pump

DP173 12×12 Pump 

dp650x 8×6 pump 

Redi-Prime 50HP

Water Transfer Pump

Redi-Prime 125HP

Water Transfer Pump

Redi-Prime 600HP

Water Transfer PUMP


50HP Vacuum Prime


Water Transfer Pump

80HP John Deere

Water Transfer Pump


DP325C 10×8 Pump

Large Mobile Water

Transfer PUmp


DP175M 8×6 Pump

DP74S 6×6
Silent Pack Pump


DP173S 12X8 Pump

Stackable Road

Crossing Units

The ultimate way to track your equipment and performance levels.  Dragon Products proprietary controls system tracks your equipment and performance level unlike any other data control in the market. See our videos that explain the features and abilities of DataTRACS and the Multi-Pump Control System.

  • Sensor Layout Display
  • Configuration Settings
  • Job Reports
  • Job Markers
  • Job Recordings
  • Company Data
  • Charts in Job Reports
  • Modify Display Properties
  • Starting Job Recordings
  • Timeline Graphs
  • Fan Speed
  • Pressure Testing
  • Engine RPM Controls
  • Lube Controls
  • Transmission Controls
  • View Modes
  • Barrels Totalizer
  • Job Configurations
  • Pump Positions
  • Screen Layout Setup
  • Starting New Configurations

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