500 BBL Corrugated Frac Tank Trailer

500 BBL Corrugated Frac Trailer for Liquid Storage


Dragon Model 500-Barrel Corrugated Wall, Liquid Storage Tanks come Equipped With New Runnings Gear, 10 mil DFT Chemical Resistant Liners. All Tanks Are Steel Grit Blasted And Painted To Your Specs. All Are Built From New 1/4″ Heavy Duty Corrugated Steel. You Design, We Deliver. All Models Available Now!

  • FLOOR: 1/4″ PL, V-Bottom With Integral Formed Side Channels
  • FLOOR SUPPORT: 10″ Channel Longitudinal Runners With 8″ channel And formed 1/4″ PL Channel Crossmembers
  • WALLS: 1/4″ PL Solid Welded, Corrugated Steel, Corrugations 15″ On Center
  • ROOF: Flat Top, 1/4″ PL Solid Welded with Channel Supports Outside
  • FRONT / REAR: 1/4″ PL Solid Welded Corrugated Steel, 10″ Radius At Vertical Outside Corners
  • DRAIN / FILL: 4″ Floor Drain At Rear End, 3″ Fill Pipe To Roof At Rear, 4″ Suction Line Connection At Front, 4″ Mid High Connection At Front, 8″ flanged Front Mainfold Connection With Turn Down To Floor Sump
  • MANWAY: 21″ Manway On Front, Side, (3) Non-Sealed Hatches On Roof
  • PICK UP: Standard 5th Wheel King Pin
  • WELDS: All Welds Continuous Except Substructure Crossmembers
  • AXLE: 25,000lb. Axle With Air Brakes, 11.00 X 22.5 Bias Tires On Steel Disk Wheels
  • ACCESS: Front Stairway
  • FINSIH: Per Customer Specifications
  • HYDROTESTING: Full Capacity Static Test
  • DIMENSIONS: 45′ Long, 8′-6″ Wide, 10′ High; 500 Barrel Capacity
  • Tank Pressure / Vacuum Relief Vent
  • Level Gauging
  • OPTIONS: Special Tank Linings, Special Sizes, Open Top Design, Fixed Or Removable Steam Coils, 8″ Exterior Manifold Assembly


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500 BBL Corrugated Frac Trailer for Liquid Storage