Double Conical Aluminum Tank Trailer – US Market

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Double Conical Aluminum Tanker Trailer for US Market

Double Conical U.S. Aluminum Tanker Trailers


More than ever, crude haulers are transporting their valuable cargos with Dragon double conical trailers – because their profitability is riding on it. The conditions around well sites and production areas are infamously harsh. This is no place for average equipment. Which is why Dragon designs and builds its double conicals to deliver performance that goes well above and far beyond.

  • DOT Code 407
  • Standard and custom plumbing
  • Air ride suspension
  • 8400, 9000, 9500, 10500, 11000 Gallon Capacity
  • 7400 Gallon Pup trailer & 120bbl body mounted tank also available
  • Aluminum or Stainless Steel
  • Bottom Air Actuated Valves


  • Aluminum wheels
  • Pump package
  • Titan Gauges
  • Sculley Systems
  • Centrifuge
  • Roll over stability
  • VRU Under Ride Protection
  • API Heads
  • Overfill Alarm Systems


  • Compartment: Single or Double
  • Commodity: Unspecified Fluids
  • Design: 25 PSI Internal
  • Pressure: 38 PSIG Hydrostatic test
  • Shell: Various Tank Sizes
  • Head: 5454 Temper 0 Aluminum, ASME F & D
  • Baffle: 4 – Reinforced ASME
  • Welds: Internal – as welded, external – smoke and discoloration removed
  • Stiffener: 2” x 5” aluminum channel, external solid weld
  • Rings: solid weld
  • Cleanouts: 4 – 3” Male pipe nipple with stainless steel cap, on top center line, 1 in. each baffle space
  • Over turn protection: Spill dam at top manway with drain hose. Includes level gauge port, relief valve and vapor recovery valve
  • Lights: full DOT lights, LED sealed lights, harness and junction box with terminal strip
  • Suspension: Watson Chalin Integra (light weight integrated) air ride, 30,000 lbs. per axle
  • Axles: 25,000 lbs. round w/outboard drums, dura-light lightweight hubs and cast lite drums
  • Wheels: 10 hole, steel disc, hub pilot, white
  • Tires: 11.00 x 24.5 Radial – Cut and chip resistant
  • Brakes: 16 1/2 x 7 with spring parking, auto slacks, Wabco 4s-2m ABS system
  • Upper Coupler: 5/16” Boister plate, bolt on adjustable 49” truck 5th wheel height
  • Landing Legs: 2 speed, heavy duty, high capacity lift
  • Bumper: Heavy duty per DOT requirements
  • Fenders: 3/4 Fenders on front, full on rear
  • Mud Flaps: Anti-Sail
  • Hose Carrier: hose tubes or hose trays
  • Coating: Exterior, all steel surfaces white metal steel grit blast, 2 mil profile (SP-6), painted metallic silver with high solids polyurethane, 4-6 mil dry film thickness
  • Placards: 4 – slide in placards frames, sides and rear pin on
  • Fire Extinguisher: 1 – 20 lbs. dry chemical for hydrocarbons
  • Bottom Valve: 6” x 4” high flow 90 deg air operated emergency valve with shear section at bottom center
  • Discharge Pipe: 4” Aluminum pipe both sides neat landing gear and to front. All 3 ends fitted with 4” TTMA flange, butterfly valve, cam lock and cap
  • Vapor recovery: 3” air operated butterfly valve air tank to with contour pipe to bottom of tank, 3” connection at driver’s side and rear with butterfly valve, cam lock and cap
  • Reliefs: DOT specification, stainless steel pressure/vacuum relief valve, located in spill dam with air kit and gauge
  • Level Gauge: 2 independent gauges, 1- electronic level indicator by Garnet. 1- side mounted 3 1/2” magnetic float indicator installed driver’s side
  • Thermometer: 3”, 250 deg installed on driver’s side
  • Gauge: 60 PSI gauge installed in vapor recovery line
  • Ladder: bolt on ladder to spill box with top platform step, installed on driver’s side


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