LPG & NGL Storage Vessel
LPG & NGL Storage Vessel

LPG & NGL Storage Vessel


• Conforms to current edition / latest revision of ASME, Section VIII, Div. 1, rules for construction of pressure vessels
• Standard operating pressure and temperature: 250 PSI @ 125 °F
• Vessel dimensions shown are nominal and subject to change
• Saddles (as shown) are optional
• All exterior surfaces are steel grit blasted, SP6 and one coat of epoxy light color primer.


Standard Sizes:
• 12,000 gallon capacity
• 18,000 gallon capacity capacity (Saddle Mounted, Skid Mounted and Trailer Mounted Porta Pack options available)
• 30,000 gallon capacity (Saddle Mounted and Skid Mounted options available)
• 60,000 gallon capacity
• 90,000 gallon capacity


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