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Pneumatic Roll-off Pod

Pneumatic Frac Sand Hauling Pod

Save time and money with the Dragon Sand Delivery System. Our Roll-off Sand Pods can either integrate with the system you already have in place or for maximum efficiency completely replace it. Reduce costly wait times with quick and easy offloading 24/7.

Each frac sand hauling pod can carry up to 22.5 tons of frac sand while remaining under the 80,000lb legal weight allowed on our single container roll-off trailer.


• Description: Portable Bulk Transport
• Type: aluminum barrel on roll off skid
• Capacity: Approx 800 cubic feet; depending on product
• Length: 264” O.Al.; 224” Can head seam
• Barrel: 1/4” aluminum shell with 3/8” head 96” diameter
• Roll off: steel skid for standard roll off hoist
• Manways: 3- cam over latch
• Welds: internal – as welded, external, discoloration removed.
• Walkway: passenger side with handrail
• Air supply: 3” line road side with 1” to side and top of vessel.
• Pneumatic 4” center bottom unload line “y” connected to jet air supply.
• Fluidizer: cloth fluidizer pad full length at bottom for
• Pneumatic unloading system uses standard U.S values, gauges, safety relief system.

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