RANCO Full Frame Asphalt End Dump

RANCO Full Frame Asphalt Dump Trailer

Ranco Full Frame Asphalt Dump Trailer


  • DESCRIPTION: 26FT, 54” high wall, end dump trailer, full frame style, 96wide box and 102wide axles
  • TYPE: Elliptical frame Steel End Dump
  • CAPACITY: not to exceed dot bridge laws, distributed
  • COMMODITY: Any, 28Cuyd Cap, 31Cuyd Capacity At Bangboards
  • LENGTH: 26ft over all lenght, 24ft tub length
  • BOX: 3/16 AR400 Single Sheet Rolled Elliptical Panels, 10 Degree Sloped Rear, 6” Bangboards Standard
  • HOIST: 8” dia, 5 stage, single acting, 220” stroke
  • WELDS: all welds full penetration, 70k wire
  • REAR GATE: gravity, with air cylinder gate latches, aluminum 3/16” plate gate
  • FRAME: 16” – 26# structural beam
  • COUPLER: T-1 Steel Pickup Plate, with Bushing Saddles
  • DROP LEGS: Steel, Mounted To The Main Frame Beams
  • SUBFRAME: Fabricated Structure To Accommodate Suspension
  • NOSE: AR400 same thickness as body
  • LIGHTS: Full Dot Lights, Led Sealed Lights, Harness, Peterson 1 3/8 Dia Clearance, Oval Rear Tail, Extra Round Below
  • SUSPENSION: 102 Wide Tandem Axle, Hutch 9700 Spring, Rear Two
  • WHEELS: 10 Hole, Hub Pilot, Per Customer Spec, Rear Two Axles, 6 Hole Hub Pilot 17.5, Per Customer Spec, Middle Two
  • TIRES: Per Customer Spec
  • BRAKES: 16 1/2 X 7 With Spring Parking, Auto Slacks, Wabco 4S-2M Abs System
  • BUSHINGS: all joints with greasable fittings
  • METERING CHAINS: Mounted Center Rear, Hook Into Center Of Rear Gate
  • ACCESS: side access ladder with flipdown, starting at lower rail
  • MUD FLAPS: Anti Sail, Mounted With Air Actuated Flip Up Bracket


  • TARPS: None Supplied, But Available Per Customer Request
  • APRON: None Supplied
  • MISC: Shovel Holder, Flag Holder,
  • Watson Chalin 8K Airride Steerable Front Two
  • Flat back high lift gate

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