Sand Pod 1

Sand Pod I

Sand Pod I


  • Description: Portable Bulk Transport
  • Type: aluminum barrel on roll off skid
  • Capacity: Approx 800 cubic feet; depending on product
  • Length: 264” O.Al.; 224” Can head seam
  • Barrel: 1/4” aluminum shell with 3/8” head 96” diameter
  • Roll off: steel skid for standard roll off hoist
  • Manways: 3- cam over latch
  • Welds: internal – as welded, external, discoloration removed.
  • Walkway: passenger side with handrail
  • Air supply: 3” line road side with 1” to side and top of vessel.
  • Pneumatic 4” center bottom unload line “y” connected to jet air supply.
  • Fluidizer: cloth fluidizer pad full length at bottom for
  • Pneumatic unloading system uses standard U.S values, gauges, safety relief system.


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