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The 3 Biggest Advantages of Tracking Your Oilfield Tanks

Across the U.S., oil and gas producers are busier than ever. With more than 9.8 million Americans working in this industry, it’s hardly surprising to discover that 8% of the U.S. economy relies on oil and natural gas.

A major part of field operations at any drilling enterprise is, of course, storing the oil and natural gas that’s sourced from the earth. And with global proved oil reserves growing to more than 350 billion barrels over the last 10 years — enough to sustain another 53.3 years of production worldwide — it’s clear that we’re not going to run out of use for these storage tanks anytime soon.

To help make oil drilling operations even more time-efficient, safe and cost-effective, a growing number of companies have begun to equip their storage tanks with GPS trackers.

Still not convinced that you should be equipping your oilfield tanks with GPS tracking devices? Here are three ways you can benefit from tracking your storage tanks at all levels of your drilling operations:

More efficient location and retrieval
Oil drilling sites may have dozens or even hundreds of storage tanks on site at any given moment. Outfitting these tanks with GPS trackers can make them much easier to track and retrieve for transport, cutting the amount of time it takes for personnel to perform their tasks and helping your operation run on schedule.

Improved safety and regulatory compliance

Oil ad gas are both highly flammable substances, making any storage tank hazardous to transport. In the event of a spill or explosion during transport of your storage tanks, GPS tracking can provide a clear audit trail of the tanks’ movement, ultimately safeguarding your enterprise.

Expanded utilization of oilfield tanks
Lastly, GPS tracking can help you track the life cycle of your oil storage tanks. By knowing where each tank is at all times, you can ensure you’re getting the most use out of your storage containers, resulting in cost savings and improved efficiency by eliminating the need to purchase extra containers before you need to.

Do you agree that GPS tracking should be used on oilfield tanks and trailer rigs? Have any other questions for us about the storage of crude oil? Let us know in the comments.

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