Dragon Products, LTD Now Offering RANCO Anvil Aluminum End Dump Trailers

Dragon Products, LTD adds RANCO Anvil Aluminum End Dump Trailers to its line-up of comprehensive oilfield equipment, continuing to give customers the best selection available

LaPorte, TX — Dragon Products, LTD, an industrial equipment manufacturer specializing in oil and gas drilling products, has announced that it will sell the RANCO Anvil Aluminum End Dump Trailer starting March 10, 2015.

According to Todd Henning, Vice President of Northwest Sales, Dragon Products decided to add this dump trailer to meet growing market demand for a lighter-weight end dump. This aluminum extruded/double high wall end dump trailer completes Dragon Products’ overall line-up of end and bottom dump trailers.

“The RANCO Anvil Aluminum End Dump Trailer keeps with the tradition of Dragon Products,” Henning says. “These dump trailers have been designed and constructed with the highest level of severe-duty engineering to perform a variety of different jobs at an optimal level. We are confident that this product meets our customers’ requirements and allows us to provide the best solutions for their various needs.”

Perhaps the biggest advantage the RANCO Anvil Aluminum End Dump Trailer offers is the fact that it is significantly more lightweight than steel tub end dump trailers, according to Henning.

“Before this, the rest of the end dump trailers we offered were made of steel tubs — while this is straight aluminum,” he says. “The difference in weight is the best benefit to customers and workers who will use this product, as it maximizes pay loads by reducing the weight of the aluminum engineering style.”

The RANCO Anvil Aluminum End Dump Trailer fully complies with U.S. Department of Transportation regulations. As with all other equipment Dragon Products manufactures, customers who purchase this end dump trailer will benefit from 24/7 technical support to keep downtime to a minimum.

To see more technical information regarding the RANCO Anvil Aluminum End Dump Trailer, simply visit www.dragonproductsltd.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Ranco-Anvil-Aluminum-End-Dump.pdf.

About Dragon Products, LTD

Dragon Products, LTD is a U.S. owned and operated company that offers a wide range of quality, durable products for storage, hauling and more. Their equipment and inventory include rigs, tanks, trailers, containers, and more. To learn more about Dragon Products, LTD, visit dragonproductsltd.com

Name: Todd Henning
Title: Vice President of Northwest Sales
Company: Dragon Products, LTD
URL: dragonproductsltd.com
Email: tanktrailer.sales@modernusa.com
Phone: 877-231-8198
Address: 816 West Barbours Cut Blvd
La Porte, Texas 77571

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