Dragon Products, LTD Opens Largest Used Equipment Yard to Date

Oilfield equipment manufacturer unveils its largest used equipment yard to date to allow customers to purchase used equipment on a direct sale or consignment basis.

Midland, TX — On July 1, veteran oilfield equipment manufacturer Dragon Products, LTD opened its largest used and surplus equipment yard to date at 7400 West Interstate 20, Midland, TX. Customers will now be able to purchase and sell used equipment through direct sale or consignment with aggressive financing options available to qualified buyers.

Mandy Raps, Marketing Manager says Dragon Products decided to open this equipment yard to fill a need for customers and give them an attractive alternative to equipment auctions.

“Dragon’s been buying and selling new and used equipment for years, but we recognize the value we can offer to customers in both direct sale and consignment options given the current climate in our field. Auctions have some inherent risk and we can help customers get top dollar for their equipment, Raps says. “Customers might be looking to liquidate idle equipment and we can meet that need and potentially offer them a better financial result.”

The expansive, conveniently located site now houses 40 acres of the highest quality used, surplus and refurbished oil production equipment, Raps explains. Through Dragon Products’ used and surplus equipment program, customers can choose from hundreds of frac tanks, trailers, workover rigs, drilling rigs, water transfer pumps, and stimulation equipment from Dragon and other leading manufacturers.

This setup doesn’t just benefit buyers; Raps says sellers can take advantage of Dragon Products’ robust global marketing and distribution program, which taps a much larger audience than the typical auction.

“Dragon’s direct sale and consignment options represent a more predictable, viable and stable alternative to sellers who wish to avoid an uncertain outcome at auction,” she says. “The Midland location receives equipment from across the country and Dragon has points of distribution across the US so we can ship equipment quickly anywhere.”

Because Dragon knows oilfield equipment inside and out, Raps says she believes this equipment yard represents a win-win scenario for both buyers and sellers at a critical time in the oil and gas industry.

“By opening this equipment yard, we are expanding our efforts in the area to meet the needs of the market and our customers”, Raps says.


About Dragon Products, LTD

Dragon Products, LTD is a U.S. owned and operated company that offers a wide range of quality, durable products for storage, hauling and more. Their equipment and inventory include stimulation equipment, rigs, tanks, trailers, surface production equipment and more. To learn more about Dragon Products, LTD, visit dragonproductsltd.com

Name: Mandy Raps
Title: Marketing Manager
Company: Dragon Products, LTD
URL: dragonproductsltd.com
Email: marketing@modernusa.com
Phone: 800-231-8198
Address: 1655 Louisiana St.
Beaumont, Texas 77701


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