Fracking Is Safe

According to Stanford Professor “Fracking is Safe”

According to Stanford University geophysics professor Mark Zoback’s statements at the Silicon Valley Energy Summit, fracking is safe. Moreover, the advantages of fracking make a positive impact from both an economic and environmental standpoint.

Natural gas is an ideal fuel to decarbonize and cause less pollution in the energy system in the future. It is not the end; it is a means to get to a decarbonized energy world.

-Mark Zoback

A hybrid car and solar roof owner, Zoback is no rabid polluter. In his own words, he is a “decarbonizer.” After 30 years at Stanford teaching geophysics, and recognizing the environmental benefits of gas, Zoback now leads the university’s Natural Gas Initiative.

Because natural gas consumption produces only around half the CO2 of coal or “dirty diesel,” Zoback notes that the fracking product “is an ideal fuel to decarbonize and cause less pollution in the energy system.” Increasing access to the abundant fuel can help support growth economically while simultaneously decreasing emissions of carbon.

The 250,000 fracked wells currently operating in the U.S. help to endorse fracking safety as well. “I have every confidence that…fracturing can be done with minimal environmental impact,” Zoback emphasized. He further explained that the idea of fracking causing environmental damage is alarmist and factually incorrect.

Environmental activism did not kill coal.

-Dane Boysen

Safe Fracking Can Be Achieved

Another participant at the event and previous research operations director of the Gas Technology Institute, Dane Boysen, credited fracking directly with the demise of coal. “Environmental activism did not kill coal,” he held, noting the effectiveness of fracturing and horizontal drilling and the $1.2 trillion impact on American GDP.

Dragon Products, LTD frac tanks and stimulation equipment widely used in unconventional oil and gas development. Knowing that fracking is safe and presents a net benefit to the American economy and world environment encourages our company and our employees to continue producing the most reliable and durable equipment to help promote domestic jobs and reduce dependence on foreign energy products.

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