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Knowing How the Right Tanks and Pumps Can Improve Your Company

It all began with Edwin Drake in 1859, stumbling upon the first substantial oil reserve in America, extracting it from 70 feet below the ground with a simple hand pump. Our country never looked back, and the advancements in tanks and pumps have far exceeded anything Drake could have ever imagined.

If you are part of a drilling company, it’s necessary to invest in the right tanks and pumps to keep up with the lightning-fast advancements in the industry. In the past decade alone, global oil reserves have increased by 350 billion barrels, or about 27%. There are about 53 years worth left of global oil reserves, and having the best tools will help your growing company add to those totals.

Mud pumps circulate the drilling fluid on your rig, and are a crucial part of oil drilling equipment. It is important to get the right mud pumps for your company to assist with better MWD/LWD decoding. When evaluating the performance of your mud pump, you should be looking at the displacement and the pressure. Optimizing your equipment will help you save money and complete your job safely and properly.

Oilfield tanks take on many shapes, sizes, and types, and you need to get the right ones to meet the custom demands of your company. In 2012, the U.S. oil and gas industry added 4.5 billion barrels of reserves, forcing the quality of tanks to improve and advance to meet these demands. Storage of crude oil is nothing to mess around with, and it is important to invest in durable tanks that will last and perform in any conditions.

Make sure your company’s tanks and pumps are helping you instead of hindering you. Talk to a professional to see what products will work for you. You should be thankful that your workers aren’t stuck with hand pumps like poor Edwin Drake. Investing in the best possible equipment will make your job easier and save you huge amounts of money in the long run.

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