Dewatering box with fixed film media

Dragon Products, Ltd. Introduces New Dewatering Box with Fixed Film Media

A Fixed Film and Hydraulic Door now simplifies the waste filtering process

Exceptional features in the new Dewatering Box with Fixed Film Media by Dragon Products, Ltd. improve the efficiency and economics of the filtering process. Dumping is easier with the Hydraulic Secondary Rear Door. A Fixed Film eliminates the need to purchase filter material replacement with every dump, and is easily accessed through the Full Opening Primary Door.

Reducing the volume of waste product by filtering and draining unnecessary water, the Dewatering Box from Dragon lowers costs related to waste removal. Equipped with three 3” drains on each side off the drain trough, water is efficiently removed to accommodate more waste product in each container. Once filled, the 30-yard container is easy to transport to the final dump site.

Dewatering Box with Fixed Film Media

“The new Dewatering Box with Fixed Film Media makes the removal of waste from an industrial project site simple and efficient,” says Johnny Tennison, VP TankTrailers for the Southeastern US. “Eliminating the need for replacement filters and simplifying the dumping process with the hydraulic door make this waste filtering box a great solution for industrial, refinery and hazardous waste customers.”

About Dragon Products, Ltd.

Dragon Products, Ltd is a leading manufacturer of mission critical products serving the energy and industrial industries. Based in the United States, and family owned and operated for more than 50 years, the Dragon name is synonymous with “severe duty engineered” equipment for a broad range of applications including well servicing, bulk storage, liquid and solids hauling, and a variety of pumping and mud solutions. Their equipment portfolio includes tanks and trailers; roll off equipment; pumps and stimulation equipment; mobile workover rigs; and surface production equipment. To learn more visit

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