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Oilfield Tanks and Rigs Unsightly, but Immensely Valuable

They may look ugly and obtrusive to most people, but to those of us in the industry the sight of oilfield tanks and drilling rigs is beautiful. They signify hard-work and perseverance. They’re a reminder of all that goes into being able to roll out of bed and turn the keys on in your car. They also mean a lot of money.

Offshore oil production has come a long way. Companies now have the capability to drill in waters 7,500 feet deep, and more than 200 miles offshore. Still, they only produce about 30% of the world’s total oil production. For natural gas that number is about 50%. The rest is done on dry land.

Land is where we first found oil, and for better or worse we live in a society controlled in many ways by oil. Car, trucks, trains, heating houses, manufacturing. Virtually every aspect of society is affected by it either directly or indirectly.

The truth is though, when we see those giant oilfield tanks and rig pumps off in the distance, we see people. The people that work on them and supply the product across our country. Overall the oil and natural gas industry provides jobs for 9.8 million people in the United States. It’s 8% of the total U.S. economy.

Onshore drill rigs and oilfield tanks means more people can live at home with their families. They are not forced to take jobs on ships where they will be at sea for numerous days, weeks, or months. It also means all the employees and families living at home and boosting the local economy just by being there.

Oil and gas may be big business, but that doesn’t mean you should lose sight of all the ways it can affect people on an everyday basis. From local communities to personal experiences, keep in mind the many benefits of “ugly” oilfield tanks.

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