Upright Production Tank for Processing Crude Oil

Processing and storing crude oil in a production tank comes at the end of the oil processing cycle. Before the oil is processed, it has to go through several stages. The crude oil (petroleum) is originally extracted from the earth as a liquid. The oil under the earth is not always the same; it can be composed of a variety of substances causing it to appear as black and thick as tar or thinner and lighter. The oil is formed under the earth’s crust from the remains of tiny marine organisms at the bottom of the earth’s oceans which over time is transformed into natural gas and crude oil. This transformation occurs due to the temperature and pressure on the organic material.

Once formed the gas and oil move upward through porous rock closer to the surface of the earth. The water is denser which keeps it below the gas and oil. Eventually, the gas and oil combination becomes trapped under strata of rock that it cannot penetrate. This type of trap can be formed as a dome-shaped sedimentary rock layer. The rock, sandstone or limestone commonly, is then drilled to reach the oil and oil and gas are released from the rock.

The next step is to refine the oil that is collected from the oil well. Oil is generally transported via used tanker trailers to the refinery to separate the compounds in the crude petroleum. It is heated in a process called factional distillation. Because the variety of substances found in the crude oil boil at different temperatures, they can be collected in gas form, and then recondensed into liquids for use. The crude oil is kept in a production tank for this process.

It is interesting to note that the substances with a longer carbon chain boil at a higher temperature. This technique is used to separate the components of the crude oil.

Once heated, petroleum changes to a gas which gets passed through distillation pipes. Once the gas cools enough, it turns back into liquid form and is drawn off. Petroleum is divided into several useful products, although gasoline is in the highest demand. Each barrel of crude oil holds approximately 25 to 35 percent gasoline.

A production tank by Dragon Products is used during the production of gasoline from crude oil to contain the oil and its byproducts. Dragon Products has been manufacturing high-quality tanks for over 30 years for the gas and oil industry. Our tanks are built to API 12F requirements and can be customized for your production line. They are made from a 3/16 or 1/4 inch steel-plate construction, and steel-shot blasting before and after the metal industrial paint coating is added. Tanks can be painted your trademark custom colors at your request. You can feel confident in our high standard of manufacturing these high-quality products.

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