Industrial Power Generator Buying Guide

Industrial Power Generator Buying Guide

In the heart of a bustling construction site, amidst the symphony of truck engines and clattering tools, hums a pivotal sentinel – the industrial power generator. These powerhouses form the backbone of operations in sectors where uninterrupted power is crucial. The reliability of an industrial power generator goes beyond mere convenience; it's a critical component in preventing costly downtimes and ensuring seamless productivity, especially in energy-intensive industries like construction, oil, and gas.

This Industrial Power Generator Buying Guide will navigate you through the complexities of purchasing the most suitable power generator for your needs and outline the nuances of reliability, power capacity and the true value of your investment. Whether you're establishing a new facility, upgrading your current power systems or seeking an emergency backup, every piece of advice here is geared toward one goal: outfitting your business with an industrial power generator that'll provide uninterrupted, efficient energy solutions.

Getting the Right Industrial Power Generator

Industrial Power Generator

Choosing the best industrial power generator for your worksite involves finding a solution that aligns perfectly with your specific industrial needs. The following are key factors to consider.

Types of Power Generators

Understanding the different types of power generators is crucial. Traditional diesel generators are known for their durability and high power output, ideal for heavy-duty industrial use. Alternatively, natural gas generators offer a cleaner burn and are often used in environmentally sensitive areas. There are also hybrid models that combine various fuel sources for efficiency and flexibility.

Industrial Generator Sizing

Industrial generator sizing is critical for efficiency. Too small, and the generator won't meet your power needs; too large, and you risk unnecessary fuel consumption and higher operating costs. Assessing the total power requirement of your operation, considering both peak and average loads, is essential.

Industrial Generator Price

The price of generators varies widely based on power output, size and additional features. While higher-priced models often offer greater efficiency and longer lifespans, it's important to balance initial investment with operational costs and potential savings over time.

Generator Fuel Types

The choice of fuel impacts operational costs, maintenance needs and environmental footprint. Diesel is valued for its energy efficiency, whereas natural gas is favored for cleaner emissions. Understanding the availability and price fluctuations of generator fuel types in your region is crucial.

Trusted Brands

Researching the market for the best industrial generators involves looking at reliability, warranty offers, fuel efficiency and user reviews. Brands like Dragon Products, with a long-standing reputation for quality and service, should be prioritized.

Other Factors

When choosing a generator, other factors come into play – such as noise levels, portability and ease of maintenance. For instance, choosing a generator with sound-attenuation features in noise-sensitive environments is advisable.

Mobile Genset

Portable generators (or "mobile gensets") are invaluable for industries with changing sites, like construction or event management. These generators offer the flexibility to move power wherever it is needed, with varying capacities to suit different scales of demand.

Versatile Applications for Industrial Power Generators

types of power generators

Industrial power generators are versatile tools used across a broad spectrum of industries and applications. Their ability to provide reliable power in various settings makes them indispensable in today's industrial world. Whether in remote locations, bustling urban settings or challenging environmental conditions, these generators ensure businesses run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Construction Sites: Powering tools, machinery and site offices, especially in remote locations without access to the grid.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Ensuring uninterrupted production processes and machinery operation during power outages.
  • Oil and Gas Industry: An industrial power generator provides power for drilling operations, camps and exploration activities in off-grid locations.
  • Data Centers: Offering backup power to maintain operations and protect data during electrical failures.
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Critical for powering life-saving equipment and maintaining essential services during emergencies.
  • Outdoor Events: Supplying power for lighting, sound systems and catering needs at concerts, festivals and sporting events.
  • Agricultural Operations: Supporting irrigation systems, farm machinery and other essential agricultural processes.
  • Mining Operations: Ensuring continuous power supply for extraction, processing and worker accommodations in remote mining sites.
  • Disaster Relief and Emergency Situations: Providing immediate power supply in areas affected by natural disasters or catastrophic events.
  • Commercial Buildings: Backup power for office buildings, shopping centers and other commercial establishments to prevent business disruption.

Powering Your Business With the Best Generators

industrial generator sizing

When it comes to powering your business operations, choosing an industrial-size generator can make a significant difference. Dragon Products stands out as a reliable provider of industrial power generators, catering to various commercial needs. Here's why choosing a generator from Dragon Products is a smart decision:

  • Unmatched Reliability: Our generators are engineered for severe duty, ensuring consistent performance even in the most demanding conditions.
  • Versatile Product Range: From smaller, mobile generators to large-scale power solutions, we offer options to suit different industrial requirements.
  • Efficient and Cost-Effective: Our generators are designed for optimal fuel efficiency, reducing operational costs without compromising power output.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: Our comprehensive service includes technical assistance, training and maintenance, ensuring your generators operate at peak efficiency.
  • Over 50 Years of Expertise: With a legacy spanning over five decades, Dragon brings experience and a deep understanding of industrial power needs.
  • Commitment to Quality: We pride ourselves on high-quality manufacturing and rigorous testing to ensure each generator meets stringent standards.

Frequently Asked Questions: Industrial Power Generator

Below, we've addressed some common questions about choosing an industrial power generator. Please contact us for more information.

What to Look for in a Generator?

When selecting an industrial power generator, key factors include power output, fuel efficiency, type of fuel used, noise level and portability. Additionally, consider the generator's durability, maintenance requirements and the manufacturer's reputation. It's essential to match the generator's capabilities with your specific power needs and operational environment.

How Much Does a Large Industrial Generator Cost?

The cost of an industrial-size generator varies widely based on its size, power output, features and fuel type. Prices range from a few thousand dollars for smaller models to tens of thousands for high-capacity, feature-rich generators. Factors like brand reputation and additional services like installation and maintenance also influence the final cost.

How Much Power Does an Industrial Generator Produce?

Industrial generators can produce a wide range of power outputs to meet diverse needs. Smaller models might generate around 20 kW, suitable for light commercial use, while larger generators can produce 2,000 kW or more, capable of powering large facilities or industrial operations.

What Size Generator Do I Need for a Commercial Building?

The size of the generator needed for a commercial building depends on the total power requirements of the building. This includes considering the peak power usage, the number of devices or systems requiring power simultaneously and any specific power needs for sensitive equipment. A professional assessment is often recommended to determine the appropriate size accurately.

Take the Next Step: Order Your Dragon Products' Industrial Power Generator

Are you ready to enhance the reliability and efficiency of your operations with a top-tier industrial power generator? Dragon Products is here to empower your business with the best industrial generators designed to meet the rigorous demands of various industrial environments. We supply energy and industrial service businesses with rugged industrial energy and oilfield equipment. For over 50 years, our durable frac tanks, heavy-duty dump trailers, hard-working centrifugal pumps and peerless drilling rigs have been a mainstay on job sites from coast to coast. Experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable equipment backed by Dragon's commitment to quality and customer support.


Dragon POWERGT43M Mobile Genset

Dragon POWERGT43M Mobile Genset, featuring Vericor technology, is a versatile and powerful solution for various demanding applications. It's ideally suited for microgrid setups, providing essential power in disaster relief scenarios, supporting oil and gas drilling operations and catering to the specialized needs of E-Frac applications.

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